MARC GRAÑÉN - Landscape artist

Concerned about our global social situation between ourselves and Nature. We come from Nature, and so we need it to exist. But Nature can exist without us. The present day situation claims for an urgent change in our global way of Life. So this is why I always get inspired by Nature in all my projects, from an artistic point of view, but also, and most important, from a sustainable perspective. I work all around the world. Exclusive custom projects, indoor/outdoor. Artistic and exclusive top garden and landscape projects. From the original handmade sketches, to the final conclusion, all my projects become unique and unrepeatable. Education through Nature. Educational projects at schools with vertical farming. I create a path for children and teachers, guiding them how to learn through their new vertical garden. Children are our most important value, if we really want to change our dramatic global situation. Humanity has to understant and respect the relationship with Nature if we really want to continue in this planet for many centuries. It's a matter of Quality of Life. Creator/CEO/Director of PHYTOKINETIC. First and unique patented system to create greenroofs on top of any kind of vehicles. Official representatives and projects done in 15 countries. Urban buses, vans, trucks, cars, trams,...all the m2 in movement are necessary to fight against "Heat island effect" in big cities. It works as a perfect thermal insulator and so an energy saver for vehicles. Pedagogy and urban ecology. Creator of the LYMBUS project: an awesome performing show that joins live music with real plants on stage. After the show, all the plants are re-placed to different schools, where an educational project starts. Directed by Joan Font, director of the aclamed Theater company Comediants. Passionate and motivational speaker, in Congress, Conferences, Universities, colleges and schools. And, over the top, I`m a family man. I love my wife and two sons. Learn a lot from them.

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  • Barcelona, Spain.